What’s a Good TV Wall Mount for Today’s TV Technology?

Television manufacturers are producing better television set every day. The resolutions are getting better. The size of the television is becoming bigger and the weight is getting smaller. The microchip technology and screen designs help produce better products for the home consumer. Some of the latest models are the LCD TV and Plasma TV, and their modern design makes it easy to have them wall mounted.

Wall mounting is the best approach for today’s TV. It makes viewing more pleasurable and entertaining. It blends aesthetically to the home furniture and gives the ambiance of a home entertainment system. Economically you save on space. Today’s television sets can be in extremely large sizes and putting them on tables and carts is impractical and risky. People passing through the rooms can accidentally bump the screen and send everything tumbling down to the floor. Your investment on home entertainment can be suddenly wiped out in a blink of an eye. You can try having the TV insured against damages but very few insurance companies would insure the item considering the numerous risks around the house. Others may agree to insure but at a very high premium. The most logical option is to mount the TV set in a very good location that can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone. A good TV wall bracket should be able to swivel and tilt at different angles.

The articulating TV bracket is a good model for installing the television on the wall. It has the flexibility that many viewers look forward to. The person can sit comfortably in their favorite couch or sofa and view their favorite shows facing directly to the screen. This is possible because the wall mount can swivel the screen to face you directly and furthermore, it has the facility to tilt the screen to the correct angle. There are many models in the market. Some TV brackets can be tilted more than others. Depending on the model, the arms can be extended a few inches or up to 15 inches from the walls. Check out the displays and see how their movements are in coordination with the screen. Choose the correct TV bracket that can hold the weight of your TV. There are heavy-duty wall mounts that can hold screens up to 48 inches. However, some features may be sacrificed or limited to compensate for the facility of holding a heavier television. Re-validate the available features when you’ve chosen the TV wall brackets that can hold your set. Check also on the number of holes at the back of the TV and how much of width does it require.

Sony TV Wall Mount

A world of 3D home entertainment is about to arrive – with the release of the newest 3D TVs from Sony. 3D TV brings an incredibly lifelike, immersive experience to your home, unlike anything you’ve seen before. From watching Blu-ray 3D™ movies to playing 3D PLAYSTATION®3 games, the entertainment possibilities are endless. And with the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ being filmed in 3D with our professional camera equipment, this summer is the ideal time to discover the unique Sony 3D world.

All of the current range of their TVs are now included in our TV Wall Bracket database. Our website uses a very intuitive and easy to use model browser, if you are looking for a Sony TV Wall Bracket just click on the Sony TV Mounts link on our Home Page, enter your TV model code and a selection of brackets will be displayed to you very quickly – or alternatively if you are not sure feel free to ring us and we will help you with any query you might have.

Our new range of Sony LED TV mounts enables you to hang your LED TV extremely close to the wall just like a picture in an art gallery. They are also very easy to install and require no DIY experience.

TV Wall Brackets has an extensive range of Sony TV Wall Mountsto suit the current range of Sony TVs. For more information on the bracket best suited for your Sony TV please call 0117 330 2277.

Bamboo Wall Slats

Bamboo wall slats add style and sophistication to rooms and business spaces. Created from shoots of bamboo, the popular material enhances the appearance of a home or restaurant by giving it a warm, earthy feel. Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, bamboo wall slats come in several different finishes and can be matched up to the furniture that you already have in your living and dining rooms. They can be cut to size and installed in one afternoon with a minimal amount of tools. Simply use screws or a nail gun to secure bamboo wall slats into place. Their pre-drilled holes makes installation a snap.

Bamboo wall slats can be used virtually everywhere. Your pool house or tiki bar will never be the same. Create a functional and charming place for you to entertain guests. After a long day at work, it will feel good to walk into your home and see how beautiful your new bamboo wall slats look. A few paintings and knick knacks can be added to the room to bring out its naturally exotic appeal.

A palm tree motif will give your place island appeal. You won’t have to travel far to enjoy the warmth of a newly remodeled room or entertainment area. Celebrate your good fortune by hosting a get together with all of your friends and neighbors. Serve up finger food and fruity mixed drinks with paper umbrellas. Play some music and chat about your exquisite taste in bamboo wall slats. Your guests will have nothing but nice things to say about your choice in décor.

No home improvement project is complete without the addition of bamboo wall slats. A smart and sturdy choice, they are affordable, yet look like they cost a fortune. Bamboo slats can instantaneously change a setting. Improving the look of your home is one of the material’s advantages. The other plus to installing bamboo wall slats lies in their durability and lack of continuous upkeep. You don’t have to do much to keep this beautiful, natural product looking its best throughout the years.

Bamboo slats are the type of investment that produces immediate results. Adding a warm glow to your bedroom, living room, or dining room, the versatile home accessory looks like it cost a fortune when it really didn’t set you back too much.

Don’t let a bad economy get you down. Take the steps necessary today to create the type of home or entertainment area that others envy. A calm, peaceful environment can be achieved by simply installing bamboo wall slats. To see the different types offered, visit here.

You don’t have to be a professional to take simple steps to increase the value of your home or yard. Purchasing a few key items will help enhance the beauty of your living space. Bamboo is the type of product that looks expensive but rarely is. Adding this amazing item to your home takes very little time and money and makes it look better than it did before.

LCD TV Mount Options – Wall Or Table Mount?

LCD TV mount is a way to hold up an LCD television. Flat panel televisions that are very thin and do not have legs or a way of self-support. Flat screen televisions can be mounted on a wall or can sit on an entertainment center or any other space.

Wall Mounting

An LCD TV mount can be in the form of a wall mount. The wall mount typically comes as a kit with several components so that it can be mounted to a cross beam in the wall and the television can be viewed from many different angles in the room. This is very stylish and in fashion right now. It frees up floor space and gets the TV out of the way.

Table Top Mounting

Of course a table top mount is not made exclusively to sit on a table but it can be used to sit on any flat surface. A entertainment center is a great place for a television to sit, the mount sits inside or on top of the entertainment unit. It usually has two legs that jut out from the base to support the television.


The cost of an LCD TV Mount is usually very reasonable under eighty dollars and it is a necessity. It can sometimes come with the purchase of an flat panel television as a gift, or an incentive to purchase a television. There is a couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing a mount, the mount will be responsible for holding your flat screen television so you do not want to purchase one that is too flimsy. It is important that the mount is manufactured to be sturdy and support the weight of your TV. It usually is rated for the amount of weight it is meant to hold. It is important to pay attention to weight restrictions to avoid any mishaps with your LCD television.


This type of mount does not require professional installation, unless of course the wall mount is chosen and mounting it on the wall means drilling lines into the wall and you are not comfortable doing this. Typically an LCD TV mount will come with step by step instructions on how to install it. Installation will take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending on if it is a wall or a stationary table mount.

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall speakers are the new hip thing in surround sound systems because it eliminates the wires on the ground that are in the way and it also eliminates the space taken by regular sound systems because they are mounted to the walls.

If you want your surround sound system to look classy and get rid of the wiring problem you should consider buying wall mount speakers for your home entertainment room.

The definition of speaker: speaker is a device which receives commands from the player (CD, DVD, MP3 etc.) via a cable or signal which is then converted so that the speakers play the sound of a song or video that played.

The wall mount speakers have audio enchantments that is linked with the master speaker of the system, this audio enchantment advances a few features of this system like; the bass, treble, small and soft sound details so that you can feel at ease when you have a wall mount system in your entertainment room.

There are a big variety of wall mounts to choose from which will be compatible with most of the brands in the market and you can also place them on speaker stands.

By adjusting your wall speakers to the right angles and levels you can improve your sound quality of your entertainment system to your likes.

One of the key reasons why we buy sound systems for our homes is to get the satisfaction of the movie experience in our homes that is why we sometime even buy the high brand name Sound systems to get the best surround sound out of the system.

When buying wall mount speakers just make sure you do not buy cheap products because you will sooner or later pay extra to either fix your current system or to buy a new one, so pay a little extra to make sure you do not buy a cheap system to satisfy your needs and a long lasting system.

If you want to know anything more on wall mount speakers, surround sound systems, where to buy the products and reviews on these sound products, please visit the following sites.

Improve Your Home Theater Design by Mounting Your Samsung LCD TV on the Wall

The recent development in flat screen television paves way to several cool new features to give a better home entertainment experience. With this development in technology, a lot more consumers are now able to experience the innovative television as the LCD television prices dramatically decrease.

Mounting of your television on the wall is one of the many great features Liquid Crystal Display TVs offer. Before, that kind of setting was not available to the consumers because of the bulky design of traditional CRT televisions. Today, Plasma and LCD television sets are made flat and light which allows them to be mounted to almost any part of the house or office. Samsung LCD flat screen televisions, in particular, do not just allow your unit to be mounted on the wall alone, the television can also be placed on the ceiling as well. In some celebrity houses, their huge LCD televisions are located on the ceiling and it looks cool. Just imagine the comfort of lying in your bed and watching TV at your back. But if you want to try setting up your TV on your ceiling, it is highly recommended that you have it installed properly to avoid the television set from falling in your face.

Samsung LCD television sets come in different sizes and design and so are different wall mounts available in the market. The introduction of wall mount is made to give the consumers a feel of sophistication and luxury in their home entertainment system. Gone are the days when you will have the difficulty of finding the best and safest wall mounts for your television set. All you just have to do is research and read on reviews on which wall mount best fits a certain flat screen television model. In this light, you will be made aware on what other features you would want to include in a wall mount. Furthermore, the best consideration in getting a wall mount is to assess whether that wall mount can support the weight of the TV.

The next logical thing to do after purchasing a flat screen is to install it. In installing an LCD TV, the users have the option to install it himself/herself or to hire the services of professional ones. Installing the model yourself usually requires special skill and proper care as compared to just hiring someone else for service. Also, if you lack the proper tools, it is a must not to install it yourself as you may do damage to your newly bought TV set. However, if you are still determined to do it yourself, it is highly suggested that you do a lot of reading and researching before you proceed on doing the whole installation process of mounting your LCD television on the wall.

Consider these options and you’re guaranteed to have a long time of pleasure from Liquid Crystal Display TV entertainment.

Wall TV Mounts For Your Plasma Or LCD

Hey that’s great! You just bought yourself a new plasma or LCD TV, and now you need to decide how you’re going to mount it or stand it. If you are thinking about mounting it, the question becomes, “which wall TV mount should I use?” There are countless types of wall TV mounts. Here are just a few to choose from: the adjustable tilt TV mount, the dual-arm articulating wall mount, and the swivel wall TV mount. These are far and away the most widespread types of wall mounts that people choose.

There are two core items to focus on when weighing the diverse types of wall TV mounts available to you, the first is, where are you planning to mount your television and secondly, how are you going to use it? By using it, I mean do you need to be able to move the angle of the screen vertically or horizontally for enhanced or varied viewing?

Will you be mounting it in your living room, entertainment room or bedroom? If your going to mount it in your bedroom, you may well want to be able to adjust the angle of the screen for better viewing while lying down on your bed. If you’ll be mounting your new television in your living room or entertainment room at a fixed height and angle then a standard non-tilting less expensive mount will do the job. The wall TV mounts that are more pricey offer the most options.

Your product or owners instruction manual that comes with your new television should have information and recommendations for a television mount. After reading your owners manual, if it doesn’t just propose one, it should furnish you the specs for a compatible wall mount. The data you should attain is the width, height, length, and weight of your set. Before you start seeking a mount, make sure you have all of these specifics. These are fundamental things to know.

You should know that most wall TV mounts will accommodate a range of sizes of televisions. Some mounts can hold a 32″ to 60″ TV set. Keep that in mind in case you decide to move up to a larger size television in the future. Most likely the most important consideration of all is the wall you will be using. Be sure the wall you are planning to use is structurally sound and can maintain the shared weight of the TV and wall TV mount. If you’re uncertain of the durability of the wall you want to use, you can always hire a professional contractor to survey the wall and perhaps even do the mounting installation.

Golf Business – Entertain Or Die!

Last week, to prove a point to a client, I called my neighbor from my office. I said, “Allen, remember that great tournament we played in at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Manassas, Virginia? Tell my client about it.”

“OK,” he said. “It’s hard to know where to start since everything was so fantastic. The food was great, the entertainment was great!”

“Stop!” I yelled.” Tell him about the entertainment.”

“You remember,” he said.” That magician at the event… he was unbelievable! The best I have ever seen!”

He went on to describe some of his tricks in detail for another two or three minutes. Finally, I prompted him to talk about the course. “Best course I have ever played,” he said, casually.

Perhaps the most profound breakthrough I made in the karate business was the discovery that, unlike any of my competitors, I was not in the Karate business. Nor was I in the self-defense business, health club business or the more generic, service business. I was in the personal development business helping people “Maximize their potential physically and mentally.” That meant that our ads were different, our look and feel was different, and of course, our curriculum was difference. While 21 other schools in the city of Irvine, California, battled it out for the karate business, I was the only school competing for the personal development business by using karate as the delivery method!

Too many people in the golf industry have lost sight of the business they are actually in which for most clubs is the entertainment business. That’s right; the entertainment business NOT the service business and not the people business and not the golf business. Golf is the vehicle by which you entertain your members or guests. Having a good course, good conditions and a great staff are entry level in this game.

So how are you doing in the entertainment game?

How do you entertain your customers in the golf shop? Do you have a putting carpet set up for guests to try out a new putter right at the counter? How do you entertain them in the restaurant? Is there a theme like the one Haggin Oaks in Sacramento, California, uses where it has historical pictures and stories of the club under glass at each table to entertain you while you wait for your food?

In the bar? Do you have the latest in plasma screen TV’s with picture in picture technology so your sports addicts can watch Tiger Woods and the Yankees at the same time? Is Marshall “Mars” Manning coming out of the speakers of the stereo?

How do you entertain them on the course? Do you have attractive cart girls or an unusually friendly ranger who provide guests who lose a ball with another one? On the range? One range I know has an abandoned van in the middle of the range at about 180 yards. It looks like hell, but 40 people are aiming at it and the occasional squeal of delight and loud bang confirm its entertainment value. In the restrooms? In the restroom – sure why not? It could be as simple as pinning the Sports pages from today’s newspaper to the wall of the men’s room or a more sophisticated approach. At the Bomber Squadron Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, visitors to the latrine there are entertained with piped-in speeches by Winston Churchill. It could be as simple as just having an unusually great restroom with a running waterscape on the wall or unusual faucets. It all counts.

How do you entertain your guests on their drive home? The Great Golf Stories for Your Drive Home audio CD has been a huge hit and is a great way to entertain guests long after they have left the property.

If you are to be successful, your club must not only be more entertaining than any club in its market segment, but it must also be more satisfying than the bowling alley down the street. It must be more entertaining than the baseball game on ESPN, the Strawberry Festival, Chili Cook-off or whatever 101 other events are listed in your local papers activities section this week!

What is Floating Wall Storage?

Floating wall storage is a mix of practical storage and home décor fashion where the storage unit is fixed to the wall and is used to manage CDs and DVDs. Floating wall storage is different from the traditional floating wall shelves in the sense that they are tailor made to your requirements of managing media.

Are you in need of some great storage for your CDs, DVDs, and other entertainment items? Are you short on space and don’t have room for an enormous entertainment center? Then a floating wall storage unit may be exactly what you need. With wall shelves you can keep your floors and counters free from clutter, giving you a great place to display your treasures while adding a decorative element to the room.

The mounting hardware is hidden between the shelf and the wall, giving the appearance that these shelves are suspended in mid air. You can mount the unit on your wall as a stand-alone décor piece or above a complementary piece to make your collection easily accessible.

What should you consider before buying a wall storage unit?

Floating wall storage is ideal when floor space is limited and with their easy to hang system can be mounted at any height to best suit your room requirements. It’s important to understand what kind of unit is best suited to your home.

Depending on the number of CDs and DVDs and the space available, choose the kind of floating wall storage that serves the purpose. It could be simple floating wall storage or depending on your requirement it could be double, triple, slim or large floating wall storage. You also have a variety of metals, silhouette, colors, and formation to choose from. Generally it is a decorative wooden shelf. However it can also be made from metal, wire, and aluminum. Take a combination of oak, maple, and mahogany with a polish, veneer, or leather finish and you have a slick shelf. You can opt for black, cherry, light wood, medium wood or multiple finishes. Choose your favorite material and finish to blend with your home décor.

Money matters:

Remember to check for the capacity of the storage unit so that you don’t overload the unit. Last but not the least watch how much you spend on the storage unit. If you want the unit to last long and find it slightly on the expensive side, make sure it’s worth the money. However, if you are the experimental kind and keep changing the look of your house frequently, go for something that is light, economical and replaceable.

Finally, a stylish floating wall storage unit will transform any wall into an elegant and attractive focal point for all you precious possessions. It’s an incredible way to bring organization to your home. Besides, installing a unit yourself can be a fun do it yourself project.

Different Types and Styles of Home Entertainment Centers

There are different types of entertainment centers to suit your home décor and style. You can choose from modern and sleek to rustic and classic looks. You can easily find a home entertainment center of your choice.

Let us learn more about different types and styles of home entertainment centers.

A look at popular home entertainment center types


* Entertainment or TV armories provide a more classical look than most other types of entertainment centers.

* This piece of furniture offers closed, compact storage spaces which means electronic components can be put away from sight. They work well in formal living rooms.

* By letting a door, or set of doors, to be shut, these give a more formal look. They serve as excellent space savers.

Corner units

* Most of your rooms have one or more unused corners. You should employ corner entertainment centers to make optimum use of these unused corners.

* They act as the perfect solution for solving space crunch problem. They provide enough storage areas for your media equipment.

Entertainment walls

* Entertainment walls usually make up the most common and the largest category of prevalent home entertainment centers.

* They mostly include multiple pieces that together form single large piece of elegant furniture with a focal or central area used for storing the television.

* Entertainment walls often comprise multiple shelves and spotlights for illumination purpose.

Side-by-side units

* Side-by-side units are usually of around 60″ width.

* The right side of these units is typically utilized for holding the TV set, while the other one is used for storing electronic components and / or other media.

* Usually doors are there along one side or both as well (smaller doors along the bottom or top).